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Solar Powered Flashing Light / Warning Light / Blinking Led Solar Lights

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Solar Powered Flashing Light / Warning Light / Blinking Led Solar Lights 

Height=14 cm, Diameter 18cm
Function: 4 quad flash close, light control, magnet
Led Bulb: 8pcs of LED bulbs
Power Source: Solar Panel


1. Material: PC shell, ABS base, provides good protection against bad environments.
2. Battery: 2pcs 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery.
3. LED: Super bright LED light.
4. Base: Built-in power magnet can be attached firmly to any iron objects, including top of cars. Install 3 bolts or screws to make it firmer.
5. Sharp: cylindrical shell , Can be seen 360掳at long distances.
6. Surface:unsmoothed, make it looks brighter.
7. Solar penal: In the sunny days, sunlight converts into electricity with solar panel and charge battery; in the evening, it automatically turns on at dusk. Turn off at daytime.(Note: if you want to use it in the daytime, you can use some shades to cover the top part.).
8. Work time. After full charged, the using time is over 40h.
9. Visual distance:200Meters (in darkness)
10. Available in red, yellow, white.
11. Water proof design, can be used in the rainy day.

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