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Traffic Solar Radar Speed Signs

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Model NO.:RX-DS-01
Type: Solar Radar Speed Limited Sign
Speed Limited Size:600x600x2mm
Speed Display size:700x700mm               
The display screen size:340x450mm/340x700mm
The show:2 digits or 3 digits
The sizes can be customized

Product Description

The battery and the radar are put into the speed display box.
Speed detection distance:100-300m
LED life:>=100000hrs
Power:solar panel 80W
Control 2-3 or 3-4lanes
Life span > 5 years
Like the picture:The speed limited can set up :10km/h, 20km/h-80km/h
All the parts can be used for installation 75-76mm pole.
Battery after full charge can use one month ( the wet weather continuous).If the weather good the time will increase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
High visibility and long view distance.
Made of high quality, the life is long to 5 years.

RX-DS-01Metal340x450mm(can change)   700x700mmcarton

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