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High Quality Removable Plastic Traffic Construction Road Barrier

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What are the details of our Construction Road Barrier ?


1.Various combination colors, high visibility, like Yellow/Red/White/Blue/Orange, or customized; 

2. The color are very attractive in the day and night, the reflective strip/film will reflect to catch the attention of the drivers.

3. The bases can be adjusted 360掳

4. Material is PE.

5. Mainly used in the crossing of the roads and toll station to warn the drivers, and reduce the accidents.

6. Interlock design, interlocked one by one.

7. Especially for Europe and Australian market.

What are the Specifications of our Construction Road Barrier ?


Product Description

This barrier is blow-moulded,including one barrier and two rotatable legs
It can be joint to a line to direct the way or divide the road to two parts Also,it could be circle for repair work.It is removed easy.
Be used in both indoor and outdoor. 
Color is brilliant, non-fade.
Moisture & temperature resistant.


RX-WL-12APE2000mm1000mm50mm6.5kgPlastic Film Bag
RX-WL-12BPE1500mm1000mm50mm5kgPlastic Film Bag

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