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  • 2018-05-23·The Tenth Anniversary--Take Photos and Get Order Discount!

    Dear Customers,This year is our 10th anniversary! We have a activity from May to October.Take Photos and Get Order Discount!Take different view photos of our products or the installation, we can deduct 3% amount in the next order(deduct no……[More]

  • 2018-04-04·Ching Ming Festival

    Dear customers,We will have Qing Ming holiday from 5th to 7th April,will go back to work on 8th April.If you have inquiry please send email we will check and reply once we received. Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly de……[More]

  • 2018-03-30·Happy Easter!

    Easter is the Christian commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus as a religious holiday. Over the past year the spring equinox, the first full moon of the first Sunday after Easter. Church of Christ in the early years of the date of Easte……[More]

  • 2017-10-31·Happy Halloween!

    Hello friends, The halloween is coming, wish all of you have a nice day.Best regards[More]

  • 2017-09-27·Happy Mid-autumn Festival and National Holiday

    Dear Customer,From October 1st to October 8th,will be our national and mid-autumn holiday.This year,glad that two holiday in same date together.It will be a long holiday for each Chinese.In mid-autumn holiday,we will have mooncake,watch moo……[More]

  • 2017-06-27·Happy Eid Mubarak Day!


  • 2017-05-03·Happy Labour Day

    Dear Customer,From April 29-May 1st,we will begin our Labour Day holiday.If you have any need please send me inquiry. We will reply you as soon as come back to work.Wish you a nice time.[More]

  • 2017-01-25·Our Spring Festival Work Time

    Dear Customer, Happly Spring Festival. At this time thanks for all the customer support ~We have rest time:2017-1-24 to 2017-2-5.We will start to work at 2017-2-6.[More]

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